Death Valley Marathon pics

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Furnace Creek Ranch outdoor museum pics

old bit of lineshaft

bevel gears that drive ore pulverizer

Ore pulverizer. Heavy stones were drug around in a circle and the bits of ore would get smashed underneath

ore crusher. Jaws would open and close from wide eccentric on main shaft. This is a very small unit, maybe a foot and a half long

This is a different style stamp mill than you normally see. It has an axial rotating component and a spiral that lifts the stamp and then drops it, unlike the usual 2-armed eccentric you see.

Here's the top of the mill showing the bevel gears and pulley that would drive this unit.

The ore car would go to the end and then tilt up and dump the ore into the chute for crushing

Beautiful continuously variable transmission on a somewhat homemade mine locomotive. The curved spoke wheel carries wood around the edge which would engage with the iron disk, driven by the engine

By sliding the wheel along the shaft, one could change the gear ratio and even, by sliding across the center to the other side, reverse direction.

Here's the whole thing. The wheels (tires) are behind the frame and are driven by a chain and some gears from this top section.

Old C&P printing press, very similar to the one that KSW now has (this one was operated by a foot treadle. You can see the crank in some of the other pics)

Signature C&P casting. Also note the crank shaft that would have had a foot treadle attached for powering it.

Beautiful old steam tractor. These were introduced to replace the 20 mule teams. Unfortunately, the engine on this one is missing.

Note the main bearing half (lowers) that the engine crankshaft would have rested in and driven the large gear for locomotion.

Very cool gearing

Here's a good look at the main bearings. Something seems to be missing here...

Bottom of fire tubes in the fire box. Staybolts on the side suggest it was a water leg boiler, meaning the entire firebox was surrounded by water for better efficiency and heat transfer

firebox doors

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