KSW Working on Wilhelmina electrical 27 Jun 2009 (or what *not* to do in a timelapse)

So I believe you can learn from everything. The first time lapse I did in a while, doing the treads for Pappy's wheels, I neglected to put the camera on manual focus. So every time a gnat flew by, it threw the focus off. (Actually, it was dim inside, and sometimes the autofocus just couldn't get it. I don't think the camera (Kodak DC260) has an autofocus assist light, but I digress) This time, I think the lesson was to not have the exposure set to "Auto", as it seems to go between too dark and too light. Not sure on this one. Also, I was blocking a bunch of the shots (bad camera placement) and of course, the pizza showed up and work seemed to cease. So, yes- lots of things wrong with this one, but if you can learn from it, I guess it's OK. (Note that the time starts 9 minutes from the last frame of the other timelapse- that's how long it took me to move the camera and start it again)