KSW Working on Wilhelmina 27 Jun 2009

The easy part...

This shows some of the work prepping Wilhelmina for the American Steel event coming up. The boat is 40 feet long and the side is two feet high. The other side is two feet high. The bottom is *eight* feet across and will have to be done on one's back somehow... With painting, 90% of the work is the prep work. In this case- it might be 99%... So it took 2.5 hours+ to do.. not even 1/6th of the total area. BTW, I did get to the bow by the end of the day and also had some help from Käthe with the hull work up front, in back, and around the back side. The black paint at the end is actually shake and rattle flat back primer from Orchard Supply- not paint. We will do the painting later (maybe tomorrow?) Right now, we're thinking black, semigloss/satin rustoleum in gallon cans with a roller. Ultimately, it will be sandblasted down the metal (again) and painted with high quality antifouling marine paint, such as Petit Trinidad SR or Copperpoxy.

You can also see Nick hydrostatic testing the boiler. There was an unfortunate incident involving water in the boiler as it was transported back over the Rockies, where the water froze and broke some fittings. The boiler itself checks out at 375 PSI (as of today), which is 250% of the rated working pressure of 150 PSI, although the fittings will be replaced and the plumbing will be checked (pressurized) separately. We will be running the boiler at a very low (10-30 PSI) for the American Steel event- just enough to get the paddle wheels turning in the air, where the boat will be suspended from two large cranes.