KSW Chico Threshing Bee 2010

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Bree and I petted some horses. A mother and her young, in this pic.





belt came off on the inside of the flywheel. Got caught on some sharp metal and was torn.


Why do I have so many pictures of us putting the belt back on... Ummm, becuase we spent a lot of time doing this? We had a bad crosswind and the belt kept coming off. We eventually learned how to twist it in relation to the wind so it would stay on. Personally, I think at this point we also had alignment problems too.


























A cool automatic baler.






Collecting the grain in bags.

Mist stationary engines







Beautiful red steam engine (even if they were running it on air. Don't tell Zack!)






Bree relaxing in the cab of Pappy


Sheep herding demonstrations.






I had been toying with the idea of a small steam lorry. Much like this trailer, only self propelled. I took some pictures of it to study how it was put together.


Paul had asked me to get a picture witih the engines and the house in the background. The sun was at a bad (low) angle and so it was difficult. All these pictures are for Paul so hopefully one of them would suit his purpose.



















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