KSW Roll-Out 2011

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I wanted to start this with photos of the night before.

This first shot is at 12:24 am on 12 November.

A lot of long days and all-nighters went into getting everything ready.

Props to the people that stayed and put in the hours and made it happen. The day of the event, like so many others, we're coasting on all the effort that went into if beforehand...

Laurel, Will, Nathaniel, and Nick work on getting the guillotine functioning.

Also, on the ground is the feedwater pump setup I just put together. The pulleys/belt were from grainger down the road, the pump was bought on Ebay only days earlier (I drove to Fairfield to pick it up),

the motor is a Harbor Freight 2HP 1750 rpm 110 Volt motor with a 4 to 1 ratio (12 inch and 3 inch pulleys) driving the pump at 450 RPM. The pump is a two piston positive displacement pump rated at 10gpm (at 900 RPM)

and about 400-500 psi. So it's putting out about 5GPM at a pressure that will overcome boiler pressure in order to feed it. At this point, I used the pump to hydrostatically test the boiler, but haven't fired the boiler up yet

(will do that later in the morning... ;-) )

Nick sticks his tongue out

Nathaniel uses an impact gun to tighten things up top

The first guilty pumpkin (notice it says "1%" and "Guilty" on it) was executed the night before once everyone could be assembled.

The Sour Mash Hug Band. A very unique sound.

Mickey, Blu, Aaron, and Shiri on trombone

End view of the lineshaft in motion

OK, so why do I have so many pictures of Nathaniel in the guillotine act? The answer is that I thought he did an awesome job and because the looks on the people's faces in the crowd are priceless...


No execution would be complete without a hooded executioner...

The blade comes down.... slashes the pumpkin in half with ease.... and dislocates itself from the track. That's ok- they can kick it in again...

A view of the lineshaft from the north end, showing the teal engine in action and the incomplete (as of yet) lagging job on the boiler. Actually, the boiler has sheet metal lagging, it's just ugly as sin.

Tracy put some time in to cut these old planks (that were out of a local church?) and I twisted a couple bands out of baling wire.

The geared duplex pump doing duty pumping the bellows for the player piano. This rig is the masterpiece of Brian Welch.

This is a piece that I got at the Woodland swapmeet a couple weeks (a week?) before. It came out of a drilling rig and came with some nice spur gears, babbit bearings and a curved spoke pulley.

A family poses on Hortense.

A stiltwalker. Don't know her name... (?)

Baso Negro. Another awesome band. The stills don't do these bands justice. Also, notice the backdrop made from doors and the stage, also handiwork of Tracy Hobbs.

A couple kids play on Hortense, pulling the levers and turning the steering wheel.

Brian starts a piano roll. The steam exhaust from the engine was blowing towards the piano and made the paper kind of sticky as it passed the vacuum pickup. Sorry Brian!

Lord Loves a Working Man. WOW. What a great group. This was definitely the high point of the event for me.

Dan hard at work, supporting our guests as well as hungry staff. THANKS DAN!!!

Bruce is guarding the front desk. Quite a dapper outfit!

Again, pictures don't do justince to our beloved Wilhelmina running in the air. I did get lots of video at the event and am splicing it all together for posting on youtube. Stay tuned!

Sunny tallking to Keith at the bar.


Stephen's horn/boat sculpture. It does have a name(s), but they elude me...

What might not be obvious is that the whole piece is suspended from the forklift!

Great lighting!

A view of the chill zone from the deck of Wilhelmina


Part of the chill zone (with flash- it didn't really look like that)

Had to get a little steam porn in. Here's the port side engine with mechanical lubricator (facing stern)

Some of the vendor spaces we had this year...



And so it ends, unceremoniously. I apologize if I didn't get you or your project here. There was a lot going on and I was manning the boiler/engine/lineshaft for the whole event, so as usual, I didn't get away until the end.

I did get some great video, though. All this stuff is KINETIC, and stills don't do kinetic art justice. Again, stay tuned.


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