KSW Rollout 2013 (Harvest Fair and Steam Festival)

Roaring Camp, Felton CA

This year, we partnered with Roaring Camp Railroad in Felton (near Santa Cruz) to have our annual Rollout (marketed as the Harvest Fair and Steam Festival ). I think everybody had a great time and it was a nice venue.

Below are some highlights of the event, from the KSW perspective. Ok, from my perspective. Working an event means you don't get as many good pics as you'd like, but I got *some.* As usual, links to origianl size files by clicking.


Erik and I unloading wood from Stephen's trailer so we can use it to haul equipment down to Felton.

Why is this even here? To show some of the effort that goes on behind the scenes to make events like this happen. It's not always sexy steam...


Unloading the Chandler and Price letterpress from the back of the trailer (Thanks, Jay for hauling!)


Some time late in the night (after 2am when Erik and Bryan left to get some sleep) in Bret Harte Hall, the line shaft is coming together again.

Here, I'm cheating with the use of an electric winch to raise the first section (since I'm by myself at this point)


Dawn approaches and the first two sections are up and aligned.


First steam is up and the shaft is running.


The player piano in action

Bryan is fine-tuning the vacuum supply where it goes in underneath


I love this shot. Looking in the side of the firebox on Pappy, you can see the flames literally getting sucked into the fire tubes on their way through the boiler and up the smokestack.


Pappy action shot of piston, connecting rod, and crank disc in motion.


Tracy runs the player piano for some of the adoring public.


Action shot of the whole setup. We didn't end up needing or using the red engine, but it makes a good backdrop.


Earling morning, the sun came in the upper windows just right and made streaks through the exhaust steam. Pretty cool.


Action shot of the teal engine. We did have an exhaust line which ran back outside, but this steam is coming from the condensate trap.

In retrospect, we should have put a valve on this and choked it down to only let the condensate out and not so much exhaust steam. Next time.


Erik printing coasters

Will, passing out some coasters to the public


Bryan, showing off the piano and sporting his KSW threads


Heyyyyy- I recognize that coaster... :-)


A couple tank engines coming down the track, coupled together.

The absurdly cute Ann Marie. Love it!

Detail showing more modern welded seam on water tank here versus the riveted (original?) design on the Ann Marie.

Cockpit view from Christys Flyer, down from Oakland/Berkeley. Liam was kind enough to give Marsha and myself a ride.


Yes, ladies and gents, we have steam. I told Liam he should figure out a way to toot the whistle from a horn button on the steering wheel.


Liam blowing the whistle as we turn around and head up the hill.

Blowing out the cylinder drains, getting ready for another ride for another couple lucky peeps.


I got a comment from someone in the crowd about this other "real" steam tractor that they had seen before. You know, one that could actually move and drive around...

One of the perils of running in place is that people don't always realize that Pappy (and Hortense) are mobile and self-propelled.

Here, Dick and Erik are driving Pappy to where he will be loaded up for transport back after running in place all weekend.

Here's some antics in the back after everything had shut down and people had gone home.

Yes, he got on the bed of nails after this stunt. I have video of that laying around somewhere...

That's it for now, KSW peeps! I do have lots of video to upload to youtube as well.

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