Steam Powered Snow Cone

Making the Steam Powered Snow Cone Machine (SPSCM) 18 May 2010 in my backyard (San Jose, CA)

Inspired by the Steam Powered Margarita Maker (Dick Vennerbeck), made for Maker Faire, and because I like them (snow cones)

Unfortunately, I don't think I have any pics of it while I was making it, (going fast to git-r-done for Maker Faire). Despite the MIG welder in the background in this pic, I used the Lincoln AC buzzbox stick welder to fabricate.

On goes the primer and mounting of the drive shaft and shimming blocks

Lovejoy couplings mate the output of the 5:1 gear reducer (backdriven for a 5:1 speedup (you can do this on this one because they're spur gears inside and not worm, which are self locking))

Some rustoleum gloss black makes it look a little more polished.

Here it is with Dick's engine mounted. I made an extension to the frame for the steam engine to bolt onto. I am testing it with air here (shhhh. Don't tell anyone!)

It works fabulously! There is some "snow" in the bottom, although you can't see it in this pic.

Ok, there's the snow in the bottom. Probably 8-10 ice cube's worth. You lose a few ice cubes at first because it has to fill up the housing and cool it off and then some melts in the tray before everything gets cold.

If I ever get the 2010 Maker Faire pics up, you can see it in action there.


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