KSW at the Wunderkammer, Santa Rosa, CA, 25 August 2013

Really cool steam-powered speeder. I asked the owner if the boiler (which looks brand-spanking new) was code and he said it was, certified to 150 lbs, hydro'd to 225. They brought it all the way from (around) Fresno.

Here are two Tiny Power engines, proof that some of these smaller engines are capable of real work. Having two to make it self-starting is nice too. I think the top speed stated was 8MPH, but it seemed to top 10 when I saw it.

First-class craftsmanship all around. Is that a *new* injector and *new* hydrostatic lubricator? It sure looks like it!

of course, you know I had to find this and put it in here

Saw these two jugglers/comedians. Quite talented. There's balls, wooden pins, and of course knives laying on the ground as they finish

What event like this would be complete without the obligatory art car?


Everyone is looking down the tracks for the next race. The event had far fewer racers (maybe a third of what I remember) from when the event was the Handcar Regatta. But it's not bad for the first year coming back.

The rest of it (vendors) actually seemed like it had expanded from the last time they did it. KSW should build one of these...




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